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室内装修的保护,尤其是地砖,地板,楼梯的保护: The protection of the indoor decoration, especially the floor tile, floor, stair of protection: 1. 施工现场是已装修好的或不再装修的房间时,一定要注意保护地面、墙面、门口边、楼梯扶手、楼梯踏步。可在地面铺设地板革,纸板,地毯来保护。保护楼梯踏步要使用美纹纸贴报纸,要贴牢固防止脚踩空,墙角要贴好护角。墙面不要用手摸。事先要跟业主沟通说明:“施工搬运我们会小心,但是也不能保证一点也不损坏”,如有损坏立即和业主说明并道歉。 1. The construction site is have decorate good or not to decorate a room, must pay attention to protect the ground, metope, the door, stair handrail, stair step. In the ground laid plastic flooring, cardboard, to protect the carpet. Protect the stair step to use stick paper, crepe paper to stick firmly to prevent foot empty, corner to stick good protect horn. Do not use hand touch metope. In advance to communicate with the owner: "construction handling we will be careful, but there is no guarantee that don't damage", if there is any damage and the owner immediately and apologize. 2. 如果有业主提出“装修不用保护,有的是钱损坏了再更换就是”我们千万不能信,一定得保护,如果没有保护材料,就等做好了保护再施工。因为业主口说无凭,这可能就是一个陷阱。 2. If the owner puts forward "decoration without protection, have a plenty of money damaged again change is" we don't believe, must be protected, if there is no protection materials, such as do the protection and construction. Because owner mouth says, this may be a trap. 3. 请业主指定一个卫生间,使用卫生间要注意卫生,有卫生情况要及时打扫。没有卫生间或不提供卫生间时,施工队长要提前安排,不能让工人自己随意解决。因为小区内到处是监控,在工地就更不行了,要被罚款的。 3. Please specify a toilet owner, use the toilet should pay attention to health, have the health situation to timely cleaning. There is no toilet or not provide toilet, construction captain should be arranged in advance, can't let casual workers themselves to solve. Because inside the village is full of monitoring, the site is not line, will be fined. 4. 施工面垂直下周边场地物件的保护:要提前清理施工场地做好保护,施工场地边缘外6米内不能有贵重物件(如汽车、家具等)。 Around 4. Working face under the vertical ground objects of protection: to clean the construction site well in advance protection, construction site outside the edge is 6 meters to valuable objects (such as automobiles, furniture, etc.). 5. 不得使用业主家里的任何物件或家具当椅子,实在是没有梯子时,可以向业主借并注意保护。 5. The owner shall not be used for any items or furniture when the chair in the home, there really isn't a ladder, can borrow and pay attention to protect to owner. 二、 高层施工 Second, the high-rise construction 1、要提前清理施工场地做好保护,施工场地边缘外6米内不能有贵重物件(如汽车、家具等)。 1, clean the construction site in advance to do protection, construction site outside the edge is 6 meters to valuable objects (such as automobiles, furniture, etc.). 2、未完工阳光房部件的防风、防雨、防盗:不能因为到了下班时间就立即停止施工,没有完成的阳光房或门窗,要确保经的起大风刮、大雨淋,小偷偷走。否则造成的损失由参与当天工作的施工人员承担。若已经向施工经理汇报,并得到批准的,损失由施工经理承担。 2, unfinished sun room parts of wind and rain, security: just because the time immediately to stop the construction, work didn't finish the sun room or Windows and doors, make sure that by the strong wind and heavy rain, the thief stole. Or losses shall be borne by the involved in the day of construction personnel. If have to the construction manager and get approval, losses shall be borne by the construction manager. E、吊装材料的安全知识 E, lifting material safety knowledge 一、 吊运玻璃 A, lifting glass 1、 机器的安装: 1, the installation of the machine: (1)检查呆机的焊接口有无开口、钢管口是不是有裂痕、绳卡是否松动、钢丝绳有没有断股、电机有没有力等安全相关因素。要认真检查,由施工队长负责。 (1) check for machine welding mouth opening, steel pipe mouth have crack, rope card is loose, the wire rope have broken stocks, motors have the safety related factors such as force. Carefully check, shall be the responsibility of the construction captain. (2)选好位置:选择吊机能固定好,材料好吊的位置。吊机的垂直下场地为圆心点半径12米以内,不能有行人和车辆或是会被砸坏的物件,否则立即停止吊运。 (2) the chosen location: can choose crane fixed good, good materials, the location of the crane. Crane under the vertical space for the centre point radius of 12 meters, there can be no pedestrians and vehicles or will be broken, or to immediately stop the lifting. (3)先把底座固定,再把吊机组装起来,组好后把立面的两个膨胀固定好,把保险绳拉好。 (3) the first fixed base, then the crane put together, the group after the facade of the two fixed, pull the insurance rope. (4)材料的绑法,用绳钩挂住管的底部,另一头用绳反圈套(使用活套越拉越紧的“神仙结”)绳套要套在3/5至4/5之间,扬绳绑在绳套上的绳上,吊料前要把绳套和绳钩拉紧,手拉着绳套随着吊机往上升直至把料吊离地面50公分至1米。吊料时拉着扬绳边走边拉,离吊机的垂直点半径12米以外。 (4) the binding method of material, with rope hook the tube to the bottom of the other side in this paper, the line trap (using the looping more drew tight knot "fairy") to set a noose, between 3/5 to 4/5, Yang rope tied to the noose on the rope, sling expected to pull the rope and the rope hook before tight, hand pull rope with the crane to rise until the material out of the ground 50 cm to 1 m. Pull a young when hanging rope walk while to pull, the vertical damage radius of 12 meters away from the crane. 2、玻璃的绑法:用塑钢焊个U形框,再用布带绳包住塑钢框。用带垫圈的螺栓把绳固定到塑钢框上当吊绳,塑钢框的两边分别做个横挡,玻璃放在框槽里,靠边放。放多块玻璃时两边放。如果用绳直接捆玻璃时要绑住四个边,绳与玻璃要有厚塑料或软金属包裹玻璃边(使用玻璃割不穿的材料),绳要绑紧(要有具有吊玻璃经验的组长在场才能施工) 2, glass bound method: a u-shaped frame with plastic welding, reoccupy cloth rope encase plastic box. Use with gasket bolt when the wire rope fixed to the plastic box, plastic box respectively do a rail, on either side of the glass into the box slot, pull over. Put more piece of glass when both sides put. If bundle of glass directly with rope to tie up the four sides, rope and have thick soft plastic or metal package glass edge (using glass cutting wear no material), rope to bind (should have experience in hanging glass team leader to present construction) 3、人员的安排: 3, personnel arrangement: 吊材料:楼下一个人负责捆料和拉扬绳,必须带安全帽,要有捆材料的经验。另一个人驾驶吊机,他要站在看得到吊钩和下面场地的地方,必须带安全带。安全带不能固定在吊机上,要固定在绝对牢固的物件上或打个专用膨胀栓固定。在开机状态下必须看着材料升起,在关机状态下可以休息。另外需要有两个人抬料。在进行吊料时不能讲笑话,和开玩笑。在人员不足情况下,禁止吊运。 Hanging materials: a person responsible for downstairs bundle and Yang rope, must take safety helmet, a bundle of material to experience. Another drive crane, he must stand in can see where the hook and below ground, have to take your seat belt. Seat belt can't fixed on the crane, on the absolute solid objects or a dedicated expansion suppository fixed. On must see material rise, press in the shutdown state can have a rest. Also need to have two personal material. When carries on the suspended material cannot tell jokes, and fun. Under the condition of insufficient personnel and ban lifting.

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